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The short film PERSEPHONE by Laurent Rejto is a modern retelling of the Greek myth. It's a story of divorce and how two parents cope to share their most beloved daughter just as she is growing into a woman.

Demeter will be portrayed by Academy-Award winning actor Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Frozen River, 21 Grams). She rules over the gardens and all the land at Mount Olympus (the arboretum at Blithewood Mansion). The story begins on a perfect day in August. Demeter has gathered her brothers Zeus (the county executive) and Poseidon (who's usually sailing off to some island) with a few friends for her daughter Persephone's sixteenth birthday.

Persephone, portrayed by Lindsay Andretta (Far From Heaven) is not cooperating with her mother's plans. As a rebellious teenager, she would rather be anywhere but at home at Mount Olympus and she refuses to dress according to her mother's wishes. She steals away to the arboretum and looks out over the River Styx yearning to travel and explore life away from the trappings of home.

Hades (Gilles Malkine) Demeter's ex-husband makes matters worse. He arrives at Mount Olympus in his red convertible after years of estrangement, for his daughter's birthday celebration. When he learns about her yearning to be elsewhere, he hatches a plan to take her away.

Hades surreptitiously steals away with his daughter across the River Styx to his estate in the underworld. There, she discovers a world filled with costumes, masks, color, temptation and spectacle. Hades spoils her with anything she wants. Persephone enjoys the power she has in the underworld but she starts to miss her mother and the beauty of Mount Olympus.

Demeter is tormented by her daughter's disappearance. She suspects Hades but is unable to find any recourse. Her distress and anger are evident as summer ends. The trees lose their leaves and the earth is enveloped in snow and ice.

Zeus realizes that he needs to help his sister recover her daughter. He sends his brother Poseidon to the underworld to broker a deal with Hades - they will share custody.

When Persephone is reunited with Demeter, summer has returned in all its glory but as the story comes to an end, we see Hades driving towards Mount Olympus. The trees have turned orange and red and he is coming back to take his daughter Persephone - Queen of the underworld.

This is a very ambitious film with incredible support. Some of the most respected professionals in the film industry are providing expert skills—from camera operator services to video special effects and Da Vinci high-end post-production color grading.

Our limited budget can only cover part of the necessary expenses including production insurance, location rentals, catering, props, equipment and select cast and crew salaries.

As part of the first stage of production, we will attempt to raise funding from private contributors to cover some of these costs.

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For Love of Julian (Narrated by Susan Sarandon) is an inspired and personal documentary about multiply handicapped, medically fragile children. Featuring the director's son, the movie dispels the fears and mysteries surrounding these children. At once impassioned and unsentimental, For Love of Julian is a recognition of the humanity in these children, and a plea for the rest of us to honor and nurture humanity in all its myriad forms.

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Trouble Been Hard
by the Felice Brothers
from their album, The Adventures of the Felice Brothers, Volume I

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The Reluctant Adventurer
This timeless autobiographical novel follows the story of childhood friends who are drawn into a life of deportation, resistance, forced labor, misery, splendor and love. First rate geniuses appear on the scene including Little George (philanthropist/financier George Soros) and Genius John (mathematician John Kemeny).

“The Reluctant Adventurer is a great book… It’s in the same class as Charlie Chaplin, Gil Blas and Malaparte.” --Pierre Desgraupes, Lectures Pour Tous

“...It is an impressive and admirable story…” --Michael Korda, editor in chief, Simon & Schuster

Based on a true story, as told by retired police officer Armondo Bilancione.
The son of a longshoreman who “coulda been somebody,” Armondo escapes the binds of his heritage and the peer pressure of wanna-be “made men,” by enlisting in the United States Marines, then joining the Jefferson County Police Department.
It's as a police officer, that Armondo uncovers massive corruption at the highest levels of State, and Federal government. Through an unlikely relationship with an inspiring vegetarian hippie tree hugger, and local kids, Armondo takes on the system. Together, through stubborn dedication, and inspired determination, they slowly uncover the shocking truth.
Cover-Up is an adventure that investigates and scrutinizes environmental, ethical, and universal concerns and combines elements from Serpico, Erin Brockovich, and Chinatown. For a copy of the screenplay and more information, email or call (845) 679-0552.

Country Heritage
A successful businessman appropriates the life of a struggling artist in this contemporary/classic drama, which explores love & hate, power & impotence, sorrow & serenity, loneliness & lineage.

JACOB HARRIS is a successful wall street entrepreneur and the product of an abusive single father. When his estranged mother dies, Jacob discovers he has a younger brother, RYAN a dreamer and a romantic - the product of a nurturing single mother.

Jacob deals with these newfound circumstances the way he deals with arbitrage. He takes advantage of his brothers state of imbalance, appropriates his possessions, and tries to steal the love of his life, ERICA.

The under story is steeped with stories from the rural countryside - hunting, antiques, farmland, real estate boons, and is permeated throughout with Greek mythology. Jacob is the handsome God a War (Ares). His brother Ryan, is the crippled craftsman ("Hephaestus").

For a copy of the screenplay and more information, email or call (845) 679-0552.

Woodstock Film Festival

Every fall, film and music lovers from around the world gather in Woodstock, NY for an exhilarating variety of films, first class concerts, celebrity-led panels, workshops, a closing-night awards ceremony, and superlative parties.

In just a few years, The Woodstock Film Festival has established itself as one of the best independent film events in the country. In its yearly Top Ten Film Festival Getaways, Film Festival Reporter wrote, "Sure, you've heard about the historic rock shows, but film is the reason to come to Woodstock." The festival is also proudly listed in the travel guide "1,000 Places to See Before You Die." For quote about the festival, visit quotes.

Esteemed industry members who have participated include Steve Buscemi, Rosy Perez, Kevin Bacon, Donal Logue, Mira  Nair, Peter Gabriel, Lili Taylor, Laura Linney, Peter Riegert, Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo, Ethan Hawke, Parker Posey, Stanley Tucci, Lili Taylor, Woody Harrelson, Marcia Gay Harden, Ismail Merchant, Annabella Sciorra, Dan Hedaya, Olympia Dukakis, Tim Robbins, Tim Blake Nelson, Aidan Quinn, David Strathairn, Liev Schreiber, Griffin Dunne, Fisher Stevens, Les Blank, Barbara Kopple, Leon Gast, Elmer Bernstein, Haskell Wexler, D.A. Pennebaker, Albert Maysles, Ron Nyswaner, Zachary Sklar, Peter Saraf, Rebecca Miller, Todd Haynes, Christine Vachon, John Sloss, Bob Berney, James Schamus, and Benjamin Bratt.

The Boneman

The Boneman is a feature-length documentary about the life and work of Gendron Jensen, an artist who has passionately devoted his existence to an artistic calling from within. His medium is simple-- graphite on paper. He draws detailed, precise, and wondrous images of bones. Sometimes they are solitary bones and at other times they are juxtaposed with other species. They are always executed in a way that leaves the viewer with a newfound respect for the wonders of our natural world.

The Fall of Hungarian Cinema
   Graham PetrieÂ’s “History Must Answer to Man” accurately states the fact that Hungarian cinema, ‘by the early 70Â’s was acknowledged as the most consistently interesting in Eastern Europe and one of the more significant features in European cinema as a whole.Â’ Mr. Petrie, in his book about contemporary Hungarian Cinema also states that on the whole, Hungarian Cinema has been ignored by the English speaking world or at the very least misunderstood and misinterpreted. The author attributes this to ‘the notorious cultural laziness, blindness and arrogance of Anglo Saxon society.Â’ (more)


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